FAQ RexXer

Here you will find a small selection of the most frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.
If you have a question that is not listed here and cannot be answered yourself, please contact us and we will help you. The respective answers can be found in the manual on the pages indicated.

I bought a used RexXer EVO "User". Can I use the RexXer for my motorbike?
The RexXer User is only intended for 1 motorbike. If you have purchased a used unit, you can send it to us for testing. We will test, for a fee of 39,00€ plus shipping, if the RexXer is locked or operational.
If the device is operational, you can purchase a tuning map at a price of 199€ for your motorbike model.
If the RexXer is locked, we will give you a quote for unlocking it if possible.

How do I get a RexXer Mapping?
You have several options:

  1. You have the mapping installed at one of our RexXer Points: LINK
  2. You send us your ECU and we flash it for you. Note: After successful installation of the newly flashed ECU, a TPS reset and a reset of the sensor parameters must be performed using RexXer or a test device that supports these functions!
    ECU Flash Form: LINK
  3. You purchase the RexXer EVO "User". With this device you can flash your ECU yourself and perform the necessary parameter resets yourself: LINK

Information Flyer RexXer EVO "User": LINK


How many tuning mappings are included in the RexXer EVO User?
The purchase price of the device includes 1 tuning mapping suitable for your vehicle configuration. For a service fee, it is also possible to purchase additional tuning mappings.

The display of the RexXer EVO User remains dark after connection to the serial interface cable (OBD) on the vehicle? - (page 3)
You may not have connected the OBD cable with the red and black crocodile clip correctly (depending on the ECU type) or a flat fuse for the diagnostic connector/inspection connector (OBD) on the vehicle is defective!

May I connect the RexXer EVO User with the USB cable to the PC/notebook and at the same time with the serial interface cable (OBD) to the vehicle? - (page 11)
No! You must never connect the RexXer EVO User to your computer/notebook via the USB cable and to the motorbike via the serial interface cable at the same time, as this will cause an overvoltage and damage the RexXer EVO User!

Is my RexXer EVO User always preloaded with a tuning mapping? - (page 8 and 12)
No, in most cases the RexXer EVO User is delivered "empty" because, depending on the vehicle model and ECU type, the appropriate tuning mapping cannot always be installed by us in advance.

Will my original mapping be permanently deleted after flashing the tuning mapping? - (page 14)
No! The tuning mapping overwrites the original mapping, but due to the previous read-out process, the original mapping remains in the device memory and can be reloaded into the ECU at any time.

Can I continue to use the RexXer EVO User on another vehicle (e.g. after selling the vehicle)?  - (Page 21-22)
The RexXer EVO User is delivered from the factory with 2 licenses.
If the original mapping was previously restored to the ECU where the RexXer EVO User was first used (original mapping read out), it can be completely deleted via the software 1 time and reused.

Can I still use the RexXer EVO User if all licences have been used up? - (page 21)
Yes, it is possible to recharge the device with a new licence (subject to a fee!).

What do I have to consider after updating my RexXer EVO User? - (page 15)
The RexXer EVO User "marries" itself to the chassis number (VIN) stored in the engine control unit. This means that it is still able to communicate with the ECU even after an update using a test device or another programming device.

Can the RexXer EVO User be used simultaneously on another vehicle for service & diagnostic functions? - (page 18)
Yes, as long as the serial interface cable and the ECU type of the other vehicle are the same! Please note the compatibility of the possible service & diagnostic functions!

What can I do if the display of my RexXer EVO User does not react or only reacts to very high pressure? - (page 10)
Connect the RexXer EVO User to your vehicle and select Settings in the main menu. In the submenu, select Calibration and follow the further menu instructions.
Repeat this procedure until it is completed successfully.
It is helpful to use a stylus for calibration.