ECU tuning tool RexXer EVO "User" - for 1 bike! to use for the Ducati models with M3C/Melco/7SM ECU

Suitable for the following brand: Ducati
  • Multistrada 1200
  • Monster 696
  • Hypermotard 796
  • Diavel
  • Panigale 1199 S
  • Panigale 1199 R
  • Panigale 1199
  • Hypermotard 821
  • Hyperstrada 821
  • Hypermotard 939
  • Panigale 899
  • Panigale 1299
  • Diavel (17) Carbon EU4
  • Diavel (17) Diesel EU4
  • Diavel (17) EU4
  • Panigale 959/S
  • Hyperstrada 939
  • Hypermotard 1100 Evo
  • Hypermotard 1100 Evo SP
  • Monster 659
  • Monster 795
  • Monster 1100
  • Monster 1100 Evo
  • Monster 1100 S
  • Monster 796
  • Monster 797 EU4
  • Scrambler 400 Sixty2 EU3 + EU4
  • Scrambler Cafe Racer EU3 + EU4
  • Scrambler Classic EU3 + EU4
  • Scrambler Desert Sled EU3 + EU4
  • Scrambler Full Throttle EU3 + EU4
  • Scrambler Icon EU3 + EU4
  • Scrambler Mach 2.0 EU3 + EU4
  • Scrambler UrbanEnduro EU3 + EU4
  • Multistrada 1200 S Gran Turismo
  • Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak
  • Multistrada 1200 S Sport
  • Multistrada 1200 S Touring
  • Multistrada 1200 S Touring Dair
  • Panigale 1199 S Tricolore
  • Superleggera 1199 (14-15)
  • Panigale 1299 S/R/FE
  • Diavel AMG
  • Diavel Carbon
  • Diavel Cromo
  • Diavel Dark
  • Diavel Strada
  • Diavel Titanium

Optimum driveability?
An important factor for a good running engine is the air-fuel Ratio (AFR), the measurable ratio of air to fuel, which is present during combustion. If the AFR is not optimized the bike can exhibit certain problems e.g. by an excessively lean ratio, which often causes annoying constant velocity shocks, delayed throttle response and performance holes in the power curve. A too enriched ratio, besides poor performance, leads to high fuel consumption. The main reasons for these issues are poor set-up at the factory, changes to the intake or exhaust system. Currently, the most common method for adjusting the fuelling map of a bike is the installation of an auxiliary module which is complex and full of compromises or the replacement of the standard engine control unit (ECU), which is costly and often not adjustable racing units. With the RexXer EVO "User", these measures are a thing of the past! The RexXer EVO "User" allows first to replace the standard tuning map of your ECU against another in only 3 easy steps without a residual auxiliary module. Thanks to the RexXer EVO "User", the programmer for your series ECU, your standard setup can be changed to a moderate improvement by using free tuning maps of different matching states.

1) Connect RexXer EVO "User" to OBD plug
2) Read original mapping
3) Load tuning mapping
Done! Now the stock mapping and the modified tuning mapping are fixed in the device memory, and you can change between the maps as often as you want!

Maximum power?
Whatever modifications you have made, if only the attachment of a performance-enhancing exhaust system, a sports air filter, the use of optimized camshaft or pistons with higher compression etc. - to exploit the gain in powerfully, the engine management has to be adjusted with the appropriate changes! This is accomplished by using a tuning map. This is a specific dataset which is modified to the model and the features controls e.g. the injection, spark advance and many more important maps of the ECU.

Attention: The RexXer EVO "User" only allows the programming (flashing) of one vehicle at a time and "marries" itself with the chassis number (VIN) of the ECU after reading (copying) the serial mapping. Thus, it is still able to communicate with the ECU even after an update by means of a test device or another programming device. An update will overwrite the tuning mapping you have previously installed, but it can be installed again afterwards with the RexXer EVO "User"! Nevertheless, we recommend that you restore the original mapping BEFORE each service/inspection!
The RexXer EVO "User" is delivered from the factory with 2 licenses. If the original mapping has been previously restored to the ECU, in which the RexXer EVO "User" was used for the first time (original mapping read out), it can be completely deleted via the software 1 time to use it on another vehicle (vehicle change)! Please note that with the RexXer EVO "User" a tuning mapping can only be installed on 1 vehicle at a time!

With the purchase, the tuning mapping suitable for your vehicle is included and free of charge, this will be sent by e-mail only after the readout (copy) of the series mapping.

When using a mapping with deactivated lambda control, we recommend "after" the upload to disconnect the lambda connectors permanently! This does not apply to models from the EURO 4 standard, here we recommend not to disconnect the lambda connectors permanently "after" the installation!

If you need further (chargeable) tuning mappings later, you can order them from us at any time. You will receive the further mapping then p. e-mail and can transfer it via USB cable from the computer to your RexXer EVO "User". Then you connect the device to the machine and flash it easily.

It is also possible to load the RexXer EVO "User" with new licenses (subject to a charge), if, for example, a vehicle change is due for the 2nd time.

Ordering Note: When ordering, please specify the following notes under Step 3 in the "COMMENT" box:

  • vehicle brand

  • vehicle model

  • exhaust system (stock or after-market; brand)

  • air filter (stock or after-market; brand)

  • header (stock or after-market; brand)

  • disable Exhaust Valve?

  • disable O² Sensor?

  • DUCATI Custom Dash display (+69,00 € fee)?

The more accurately you provide the information, the better we can choose a suitable mapping for your motorcycle. If something should be unclear on our part or information are missing, we will contact with you in any case.

ATTENTION: The RexXer EVO "User" cannot read the stock mapping via the diagnostic connector/inspection connector on the Conti M3C/M3D/M4D, Mitsubishi Melco, Bosch ME.17, Eldor, Bosch BMS-X, Bosch BMSMP and Bosch BMS-O ECU, as these ECU types do not allow the function. Here, the RexXer EVO "User" only reads a dummy with the serial number stored in the ECU to gain access. Therefore, please contact us in advance to check if there is already an original mapping for your model in our database.

The RexXer EVO "User" cannot only be used as a tool to replace the mappings, but also has some useful maintenance functions:

- Reading and resetting error codes
- Reset Service alarm
- CO trimming
- TPS setup*
- APS setup*
- Reset autoadaptive parameters*

* Should be carried out in order to ensure optimal performance of the individual components after each reprogram of a new tuning map.

Not all maintenance functions are available for each ECU type, here you will find a detailed and current survey: ECU service-functions

As long as the serial interface cable (OBD) and the ECU type are identical, it would even be possible to use the RexXer EVO "User" on another vehicle for service and diagnostic functions, although it is already "married" to the ECU of a vehicle.

The range of vehicles, which can be modified by the RexXer EVO "User" is constantly expanding, here you will find a detailed and current survey: RexXer compatibility list.
Here, you can see a survey of the currently available tuning mappings: Available RexXer mappings

The latest connection software for the RexXer EVO "User" you always get in the download area on the RexXer site: RexXer EVO User Software

- RexXer EVO "User"
- USB 2.0 connection cable, type A-Mini B (5pin)
- Serial interface cable OBD standard **
- Connection software (Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 - 32/64 bit version each)
- USB stick with software and documentation such as the manual etc.

**By disclosure of your vehicle brand and model when ordering, we will automatically add the right OBD interface cable!

IMPORTANT: When using RexXer products, the Vehicle Type Approval will expire and thereby the insurance cover. It's no longer permitted to use the vehicle on public roads!

inkl. 19% MwSt.
Delivery time 1-2 working days.
more security.usd - PCI DSS compliant - JUL-2020

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