New Map for the Ducati Multistrada V2

Annoying constant revving, delayed throttle response and performance holes was yesterday!
We tailor your machine completely to you and guarantee you maximum driving pleasure and performance.

Use our IN-House service:
Just send us your ECU (M3D) + filled out flash form, we will take care of the rest.

  • Price = 499,00 € (item no. ZU-RX054) plus shipping.
    After receipt of payment (except for existing direct debit mandate), the processing time is 5-10 working days plus shipping time.

Note: After installation of the newly flashed ECU, a TPS reset and a reset of the sensor parameters must be carried out using RexXer or a test device that supports these functions!

→ when using RexXer products, the general operating permit and thus the insurance cover expire, the vehicle may no longer be used on public roads!

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