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Annoying constant revving, delayed throttle response and performance holes
was yesterday!
Use our IN-House service

Annoying constant revving, delayed throttle response and performance holes
was yesterday!
Use our IN-House service

Annoying constant revving, delayed throttle response and performance holes
was yesterday!
Use our IN-House service

What is RexXer ECU Tuning?

Motorbike and scooter tuning - without additional module installed

Increased performance without installing an additional module - with the RexXer EVO, this innovation enters the world of motorbike chip tuning.

The principle: With the RexXer EVO, it is possible to easily replace the original mapping of your motorbike with a RexXer tuning mapping.

Increased performance and improved driving experience thanks to RexXer EVO

Optimising the mapping with the RexXer EVO brings several advantages:
- New silencers (or sports exhaust) and air filters develop their full potential.
- Motorbike chiptuning takes place without replacing the hardware.
- No installation of expensive racing ECU's is necessary.
- Problems such as constant jerking, delayed throttle response and performance gaps can be solved with RexXer chip tuning.

Most stock mappings have a fuel-air mixture that is too lean. ECU tuning on the motorbike (or scooter) optimises the combustion air ratio. On the other hand, precise adjustment of the mapping prevents excessive fuel consumption.

If you carry out tuning modifications, you should adjust the engine management to the new components. This is the only way to unleash the full power of components such as sports air filters, pistons with higher compression or new exhaust systems. The ECU mapping must be adjusted for this, depending on the model and modification. Tuning mappings are available for this purpose.

Good to know: ECU tuning on a motorbike (or scooter) is often the final optimisation of an overall package with additional accessories.

Mapping and ECU: How the RexXer works

A look at the details: What does RexXer ECU tuning do?

With ECU tuning, we change the parameters in the original mapping. This optimised tuning mapping is applied to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) with the help of the RexXer tool. The ECU receives input signals (for example from the pressure sensors and lambda sensors) and regulates the injection and ignition accordingly.

The original mapping contains ignition maps, fuel maps, but also lambda control, torque limitation, ride-by-wire and various throttles, such as gear throttles. During ECU tuning with the RexXer EVO, these maps are optimised in the mapping.

The result: The engine becomes more rev-happy, the mapping harmonises optimally with retrofitted components. The rider feels an increase in power and a more grippy riding experience.

ECU tuning on the motorbike (or scooter) with the RexXer EVO in three steps:
1. the RexXer EVO is connected to the machine via the inspection plug (OBD). 2. the current original ECU is installed.
The current original mapping is read out. 3.
3. the tuning mapping is uploaded to the ECU.


After completion of the optimisation, the results such as increased performance and a balanced driving feel are immediately noticeable.

RexXer chip tuning for many makes and models

The RexXer EVO is available for performance enhancement of various motorbike brands:

- Ducati


- Aprilia

- Moto Guzzi

- MV Agusta

- Triumph


- Moto Morini

- Voxan

- Gas Gas


- Quaddy


By the way: In addition to motorbike tuning, the RexXer is also suitable for scooter tuning:

- Gilera

- Piaggio

- Peugeot

- Adiva

- Derbi

- Malaguti

- Vespa


Check here if your motorbike (or scooter) model is compatible with the RexXer EVO.

How do I get my RexXer ECU tuning?

Would you like a performance upgrade with ECU tuning for your motorbike (or scooter)? As a private customer, you have three order options:

1. Have the mapping installed:

Visit one of our RexXer Points and have the optimisation carried out directly on site. Find your nearest RexXer Point here!

2. Send us the ECU for flashing:

We would be happy to optimise your ECU in-house. To do so, please fill out the flash form and send it to us together with your ECU.
Please note: Once you have installed your flashed ECU, you must perform a TPS reset and reset the sensor parameters. This can be done with the RexXer (depending on the model) or an appropriate test device.

3. Buy the RexXer EVO User:

If you purchase your own RexXer, you can flash the ECU yourself and perform the tuning independently.

You can switch freely between the original and the RexXer tuning mapping at any time.


Are you a dealer and interested in the RexXer EVO? Then please send us your enquiry to!

Additional service functions of the RexXer EVO's

The RexXer EVO also has various diagnostic & maintenance functions:

Readout and reset of error codes
Reset service display
Reset TPS / throttle potentiometer
Reset sensor parameters
Manually lean or grease the mixture in the lower speed range (CO trimming)
Reset APS / air pressure sensor

Not all diagnostic & maintenance functions are available for every ECU type, here you will find a detailed and up-to-date overview.

Important information & tips!

RexXer "User" virtual reading

The RexXer cannot original the standard mapping file via OBD of some ECU types (Magneti Marelli 7SM, Continental M3C, M3D and M4D, Bosch ME.17, ME17.2.42 BMS-O, ME17.2.4 BMS-MP, ME17.2 BMS-X, Mitsubishi Melco, Eldor), as these ECU types do not allow this function. The RexXer just reads out a dummy with the serial number stored in the ECU so that it has access.

If the original map of your ECU is not yet available in our database, we can read and save it with a special procedure. For this it is necessary to send us your ECU. This service is of course free of charge for you.